The Schoonmaker Reef

History In Your Backyard

Imagine having an ancient coral reef right in your back yard, right here in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Imagine where The Reef Apartments stand today, a tropical sea once covered the area, then traversed by dinosaurs eventually giving way to a quarry and then the future re-development.


Our Residents at The Reef’s new apartment homes, won’t have to imagine what the national historic landmark, Schoonmaker coral reef was or is like. They are able to view this 400+million-year-old jewel every day and enjoy distinctive panoramic views with each change of season. As a significant national landmark, it is protected and accessible to view and scientific study, but not to walk on or alter. The Schoonmaker Reef dates back to the Silurian Period, 405-435 million years ago, which predates our extinct paleontology relics – dinosaurs. Since being discovered in 1844, the Schoonmaker Reef has produced over 200 marine and fauna fossils. Dr. Donald Mikulic, a paleontologist from the State of Illinois Geological Survey, continues to study the reef today.


As a resident, you will be able to exclusively enjoy one-of-a-kind stunning views of The Reef. We invite you to visit The Reef apartments, view this treasure for yourself, and imagine it right in your own backyard.


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